Recap/Photos by
Veronica Calero for Fashion Fights Poverty
Monday, June 29th, 2015

Discover a Global Difference

Washington, D.C. - Fashion Fights Poverty (FPP) held its first part of a new series of monthly networking dinner events to encourage discussions and create awareness about fair trade, fair wage, social responsibility, eco-sustainability and ethical fashion business practices over a casual meal. In the month of June FFP collaborated with Thousand Villages at the Cafe Deluxe in Dupont Circle. The dinner was led by Stephanie Hossfeld, Director of Outreach for Ten Thousand Villages in Alexandria, Virginia.

The night began in the lounge with a special meet-and-greet during happy hour. As soon as the table was set and guests were seated, the discussion began. Yvette Castro, Vice President of Research and Youth Programs for FFP along with Sylvie Luanghy, Vice President of Corporate Relations & Co-Founder, gave a passionate introduction about Fashion Fights Poverty and proudly honored Hossfeld as the lead guest speaker for the FFP monthly networking dinner series.

Stephanie Hossfeld, Director of Outreach, Ten Thousand Villages

Fashion Fights Poverty (FFP) is a non-profit organization that raises awareness for initiatives that encourage and support creative, effective and sustainable means of challenging poverty. The organization offers several programs for youth, related businesses, and the community to collaborate with other organizations and facilitate global outreach.

Ten Thousand Village is a non-profit organization that supports global artisans to build better lives. The organization gives artisans the opportunity to earn an income through fair trade, providing better wages and fair labor. Each product sold through Ten Thousand Village is handmade and includes a story behind it.

The Stories

Hope Necklace located on 915 King St. Alexandria, VA

After the Ethiopian War there were bullet and shell remains scattered all over the battle fields. Left with nothing, the people of Ethiopia collected the bullets and shells and transformed them into fashion accessories. It's amazing what they did to recycle instruments of war into instruments of fashion.

Splatter Square Necklace located on 915 King St. Alexandria, VA

From India, this splattered designed necklace was handmade sustainably from recycled plastic bags. The artisan benefited from eliminating producer debt through direct cost. This gave artisans and their families' better health, education and lifestyle.

In addition Ten Thousand Village gave other samples and stories of jewelry that share similar stories. Each product showed different methods of sustainability and how we as consumers can learn and benefit from the artisans.

Xylophone Necklace and Paper Blossoms located on 915 King St. Alexandria, VA

Sari Bag and Riverbank Bracelet located on 915 King St. Alexandria, VA

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