On the Ethical Catwalk

Abigail De Casanova, 2007

Abigail de Casanova began to make her own clothes at the age of 14 when her grandmother gave her a sowing machine as a birthday gift. Since then, she has pursued this career intensely. Her experience led her to the Polimoda Insitute for Fashion Design and Marketing in Florence, Italy, where she was mentored by the finest Italian instructors in fashion trends. her Peruvian-Italian background is evident in her work and styling. She believes all women have the potential to look hot the want to look and that all is about the details.

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adele wechsler, 2008

“For the bride who cares about the world in which she lives”

I think it is essential for each of us to try and make individual efforts on this earth, no matter how small, in order make an overall difference! It is this approach that brought me to the Eco Couture collection-it is my way offering brides an option of doing something for the world on her special day.  

A collection with simple, modern silhouettes made in fabrics, which are certified organic Hemp and silk and vegetable dyed. We have incorporated the use of remnant fabrics and lace and every piece is produced with Fair Trade Labor in Toronto, Canada. The organic elements of the gowns combine together to create a romantic fusion of modern yet feminine simplicity.

For me it is not just about designing another gown, and a new collection, it is about designing gowns with heart and soul. For an Adele Wechsler bride it is not just about the dress, it is about finding a dress that “speaks” to who you are as a woman. A gown that enhances your personality and inner beauty and says something about who you are as a human being!

It is an honor and a privilege to play a role in a woman’s special day, we have a responsibility to provide a positive and seamless experience and with Eco Couture, we have the chance to do our part to change the world!

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Aidah Collection, 2009


Aidah Collection is a creatively chic line inspired by natural elements. Each garment is handmade to order and adorned in hand brushed design, making every piece truly one of a kind. The effortless style reflects the versatility of every busy woman and can be dressed up or down with timeless appeal. Go from brunch, to business, to cocktails in comfort and in vogue. Aidah wants every woman to feel confident and sexy and thus embraces womanly curves with stretch cottons and satins that flatter women of all shapes.

The collection uses ethical practices by shunning dishonest factories and instead employing professionals who are passionate about their craft. Aidah Collection also believes in giving back, a percentage of sales revenue throughout the year is donated to non-profit organizations such as Interstages, the National Cherry Blossom Festival, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Upcoming collections include the Pink Collection for breast cancer research and Elements Organic Collection for earth preservation. Aidah believes that artistic talent is innate, but applying it requires skill. She plans to begin a non-profit youth program for the training and encouragement of the exceptionally talented pursuing creative careers.

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American Apparel, 2006

American Apparel is a vertically integrated manufacturer and retailer of clothing for men, women, kids and dogs. Meaning, we've consolidated all stages of production under one roof at our downtown Los Angeles factory-from the cutting and sewing, right through to the photography and marketing. Watch a clip below from the FFP 2006 catwalk of models wearing American Apparel and beaded accessories from our 2006 beneficiary, BeadForLife.

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Annatarian, 2008

Anna Mkhitarian, a native of Los Angeles, graduated Otis College of Art and Design in 1996. From there she worked as a designer at various Los Angeles based manufacturers where she traveled to Europe, China, Korea, and Thailand for the production of her designs. Her designs have sold and were popularized at a variety of hotspots, including Fred Segal in L.A. and high-end boutiques in St. Tropez. Her work has appeared on popular 90Õs TV shows like Friends and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and has been worn by many other celebrities including Cher and Alicia Silverstone.

After Sepember 11th Anna decided to put her vision of an eco-effective company into action by creating Annatarian. While creating her eco-couture dresses and eco-couture bridal gowns she curated and put on art exhibits with the focus being on peace, eco design, transformation, and animal rights. These shows featured artists like Takashi Tanemori, a Hiroshima survivor, among other artists from all over the world, whose works reflected the theme of her shows.

Anna's designs show that beauty does not need to be sacrificed in order to create art and fashion that supports our people and our planet. She uses vintage and organic fabrics and works with the principles of Eco-Effective design. Eco-Effective design is based on giving back to the environment, making a positive impact and designing in a way where there is no waste. Each piece of clothing she makes is a work of art and increases in value. Each make a statement like when a vintage kimono is combined with a muu muu, or fabrics from different cultures who have been at war are combined, a unique and new beauty and perspective is created.

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Basia Frossard, 2007

Basia Frossard Design is a custom design house specializing in creating one of a kind pieces unique not only by the sophisticated silhouettes but also by fabric choices carefully picked from Europe. Basia Frossard has designed cutting edge women's fashion for over 20 years. Her style is timeless and elegant and her contemporary pieces grace the bodies of women who are sophisticated, stylish and well traveled.

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BeadforLife, 2006

The FFP Beneficiary in 2006, BeadforLife eradicates extreme poverty by creating bridges of understanding between impoverished hard working Africans and North Americans who want to create a world that works for all. Through the production of handmade jewelry made of paper beads, Ugandan women generate income to lift their families out of poverty. Our members are women with HIV/AIDS and refugees from the war in Northern Uganda.

North Americans partner with Ugandans by opening their hearts, homes, and communities to buy and sell the beads. All profits from BeadforLife are invested in community development projects that, along with income generation, help people escape extreme poverty. This circle of caring and participation enriches us all.

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bébénoir, 2006

Bébénoir is a New York based clothing company founded by Ibrahima Doukouré, who is originally from Sénégal. Bébénoir's mission is to increase the African community's productivity and resources by making the company a key liaison between the African textile community and the rest of the world. Bébénoir is dedicated to building long-term relationships with customers through quality clothing.

Watch two clips below: one from the FFP 2006 catwalk featuring Bébénoir and another featuring an interview with the clothing house founders.

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Belabumbum, 2007

Belabumbum [pronounced Bellaboomboom! and is portuguese for "beautiful bottom"] specializes in lingerie, maternity lingerie and swimwear for fun loving, sassy women. belabumbum features innovative cuts and fabrics, imported from Brazil, that accentuate female curves in new ways, transporting you to the shores of Ipanema and Copacabana. Founded in 2001 belabumbum is known for its bold color choices that satisfy every whim and comfortable fabrics like stretch lace cotton and lycra. With just the right amount of detail, belabumbum lingerie is playful yet sophisticated.

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bethelhelena, 2005

BethelHelena is a first generation Fashion House created by couture designers, and sisters, Bethel and Helen Adhanom. Their designs fuse sexiness and originality with class and elegance.  Specializing in couture, evening, and bridal, BethelHelena also offers seasonal casual wear and business wear with a twist. FFP is proud to have featured this amazing pair of designers on its first catwalk in 2005.

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Camille Gabriele


Camille Gabriele LLC was established in 2002, with the initiative of creating handbags for evening wear. The introduction of this new brand began through producing theme inspired trunk shows to its consumers. The trunk shows were private shows which displayed spring and fall couture evening bags. Sequentially an unexpected clientele developed through the show’s achievements and immediately women set in motion handbags purchases, from Camille Gabriele to compliment their favorite apparel and accessories.

The handbags are designed from the inspirational striking ambiances of life. There are many ways to describe this new exclusive brand, but we rely on the handbags ability to convey its exquisiteness with its neo-contemporary styles. The handbags are constructed with skins of textured embossed leathers, delicate supple lambskins, and durable calf skins. In addition, these handbags are complimented with high spun woven cotton linings, and customized hardware in colors of gun metal, nickel, gold, brass, and antique coppers, with encrusted finishes that expresses modern luxury at its finest.

Camille Gabriele LLC understands the importance of an existing social responsible company, comprising of an ethical work environment for its employees. We employ a number of quality workers that cooperate in an integral part of the fashion industry. The mass of our employed suppliers are United States based companies. Camille Gabriele LLC employs leather and hardware suppliers, fabric vendors, and leather good manufacturers. Our leather suppliers companies are based in Napa, California and New York City.

In addition to domestic suppliers within the United States, we employ hardware suppliers internationally in Honk Kong. These suppliers are in allegiance with the company standards of an ethical working environment. Furthermore, Camille Gabriele LLC handbags are manufactured in New York City from a well established high-end bag manufacturer with over 30 years of experience.


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Chacha Boy, 2007

The premise behind the ChaCha Boy collection is to offer exceptional fits in a variety of silhouettes, using premium fabrics and the highest levels of quality for every garment. In creating the swimwear collection, our designers took time to ensure the right cut was achieved, especially since this is where it counts most. When you're strolling down the shores of the beach, you want to look fantastic. ChaCha Boy swimwear comes alive with vibrant colors, stunning graphics and florals and unique textures. Heads are sure to turn when you're a ChaCha Boy.

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Cha by Chandra Anderson


Los Angeles was the breeding ground for Chandra Michelle Anderson, born in the hills of Echo Park in The City of Angels. Art and design has been a part of Chandra's life as early as middle school. Her attraction to art and design studies would continue in far away places like Mexico, Spain, and Costa Rica. Later she would build on her intellectual development and creative ideas while studying architecture at Howard University in the Nation's Capital.

"My love for everything vintage started with me wanting to connect with my past. My grandparents passed away before I got a chance to know them. I was left with their jewelry, hats, and clothing which I adored. This was my only connection to their legacy. My father also had an impressive collection of hats which sparked my interest early on."

Cha Studio provides haute couture hats and head pieces to select clientele across the United States and has exported internationally. Cha Studio is firm in its belief that a company should honor its responsibility not only to its customers but also to the environment. It is in response to this belief that Cha Studio actively uses organic, sustainable, and recyclable materials in its products.  

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Chez Kevito

Chez Kevito is one designer with over 20 years of designing and sewing expertise. She is proud to invite you to infuse your visual senses with her quality handmade clothing, jewelry, and accessories. She has one vision - to create timeless, one of a kind designs. Her inspiration is drawn from a wide range of elements to include vintage designs, scenes in nature, architectural design, and pop culture. In an effort to reduce her carbon footprint, she has recently started a line of sustainable eco-chic designs using mostly recycled clothing to include used woven necktie dresses, repurposed tshirts and denim, as well as used men's shirts and pants.

"Titi Wreh of Chez Kevito is a versatile designer with looks ranging from elegant to casual and sweet to edgy. Whatever your style and whatever the occasion finding something perfect from Chez Kevito will be a cinch!" ~ View website»

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ecliptica, 2007

Norein and Michelle Otero make up the eccentric designing duo of Ecliptica, a Puerto-Rico-based clothing line that has been setting trends since its inception in 2001. Favored by celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Roselyn Sanchez, Dayanara Torres, Carmen Dominicci and 2001 Miss Universe, Denise Quinones, Ecliptica has been showcased in Miami and across fashion magazines such as InStyle and Vanidades. Their designs incorporate elements of embroidery, fringes, macramé and beaded vintage appliqués on flowing light silk fabrics, making each piece unique.

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edun, 2006

EDUN is a socially conscious clothing company created by Ali Hewson and Bono with New York clothing designer Rogan Gregory. The company aims to bring the issue of sustainable employment to the world of catwalks and high fashion. The is conscious consumerism, with a radical and crucially stylish twist.

Watch a clip below from the FFP 2006 catwalk featuring EDUN and Loomstate with accessories by Elizabeth Muir (and a special guest appearance by Darryl "DMC" McDaniels from legendary hip-hop duo, RUN-DMC).

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elizabeth muir, 2007

Elizabeth Muir took a circuitous route to jewelry and fashion accessory design. "I was in Kyrgyzstan, working on a development project, when I went to meet the manager of a coal mine," explains Muir. "As we descended into the mine, all I could think about was the coal mining outfits we were wearing and how they ought to appear on the cover of Vogue." That revelation didn't exactly transform her into the globetrotting woman-of-the-world designer she is today. "I became fascinated with fleeting indigenous craftwork in the less developed countries, and wanted to integrate it into cool products I design and sell around the world, all while giving back financially, personally, and economically to the artisans."

She worked with artisans in Afghanistan to create her current collection of jackets, vests and accessories with the intent of showing their capabilities (and those in similar countries) and how with design, attention and patience, they can produce unique pieces worthy of sophisticated markets around the world - an answer to the direction of mass-production the world is taking. Additionally, her t-shirts she has designed intend to provoke thought about the realities of Afghanistan and illustrate her support for international assistance in working to develop alternative livelihoods for the amazing people there.

To highlight the cause, Rickey Medlocke, a superstar as a person and also Lynyrd Skynyrd's guitarist, agreed to model Elizabeth's designs and Gibson Guitars, known worldwide for its superior guitars, agreed to accessorize models on her catwalk with, among others, its eco-wood guitars.

A modern-day gypsy in her own right, Elizabeth has explored the intersection of Oriental and Occidental combined with the musical influx of rock, country and trance to produce unique creations that are edgy, provocative, and beautiful.

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eric finn, 2008

Presenting elite custom suits, custom shirts, sport coats, tuxedos and accessories, Eric Finn promises an exclusive, polished and signature look. Eric Finn has an ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility and hilanthropy. In addition to participating in multiple charity events throughout the area, Eric Finn is pleased to collect your used and unwanted suits and shirts and donate them to Menzfit.


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eRIKA pEÑA, 2007

Peña moved to New York City, on her 18th birthday, to pursue her career in fashion and attend Parsons School of Design. After working with top designers Donna Karan and Josie Natori, the Puerto Rican native was inspired to launch a clothing line called "epe". It was during that period that Peña collaborated with a number of different designers on various projects that led her to the launch of the Erika Peña line. Inspired by her move from Puerto Rico to New York, Peña conveys this experience through her jewelry, which is a bit rough and edgy, like New York, and a bit light and airy like the Caribbean.

As the company grows, more prominent stores are carrying the Erika Peña line, with the most recent being Henri Bendel, Fred Segal, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Calypso and Paul & Joe International. Not only has the line had a great response with the retailers, but also with the press and celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Beyonce, Ashlee Simpson, Fergie, Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston and Brooke Shields have been sporting the hottest accessory line, Erika Peña.

In 2008, Erika Pena designs joined with Yayasan Membina Api Cinta Asih (YAMACK) a non-profit organization based in Bali founded by a diverse gorup of people concerned with finding solutions to environmental, social, educational problems and challenges. We are helping and contibuting to the growth of the Balinese community which manufacture our products, focusing on educational and social welface projects which teach environmentally friendly and culturally progressive principles and practices. Currently, sales of the Cinta Kasih necklace and bracelet - developed with local artisans - will finance the creation of a school for disabled children.

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Evelyn Brooks was born and raised in Lima, Perú. She was influenced by the beauty of her surroundings in her home country and traveled the world while working for the travel industry. Her father started making jewelry at the age of 14. While growing up all Evelyn saw was beautiful jewelry all around her. Her mother ran a successful clothing and accessories boutique.Evelyn's entrepreneurial family inspired her to launch her jewelry business.

In 2004, Evelyn then discovered her new passion: jewelry making/designing. She decided to study different courses at the Torpedo Factory, The Gemological Institute of America and Empowered Women International in order to diversify her knowledg in the jewelry industry. She travels to Perú to find unique materials to make her designs. Evelyn is very proud to have the jewelry background her father taught her over the years, and is deeply honored to carry on his 50+ year legacy.

"I love to create designs for modern, classic and stylish men and women, mixing a taste of my native Peruvian influence with modern-day designs", Evelyn M. Brooks

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Thanks to Gibson's pursuit of certified wood stocks, the Gibson plant in Nashville is currently using more than 50% certified wood, an impressive figure for any major manufacturer. Where certified stocks are not available, Gibson acquires the next best alternative, known as "Controlled Wood," from other suppliers that are known to maintain well-managed forests. In short, Gibson knows where all its wood is coming from, and resolutely refuses to use endangered varieties. With the help of the Rainforest Alliance, Gibson is also ensuring that those supplies are considerately managed and ethically harvested, in a way that will ensure their availability for generations of great instruments to come. Check out a great Gibson guitar made from the world's finest tonewoods, and be assured you're plugging into both kinds of sustain.

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JJ Singh Jewelry

JJ Singh is about Passion. Her restlessness of spirit translates exquisitely into what JJ calls, her “Urban Guardians...” jewelry designs that reflect an ancient relic meets modern distinction. The jewelry of JJ Singh is an immediately recognizable style defined by ancient influences applied with modern design interpretations.

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kas collection, 2006

With everything from sexy swimwear and alluring "fantasy" wear to sophisticated eveningwear and stylish business attire- the KAS Collection is prepared to dress the entire world. Named "Hot Designer of 2003" by Nofic, 2004 International Designer of the Year, 2004 Urban Independent Music Awards "Designer of the Year", and 2005 Timmy Awards (Talent in Motions Magazine) Designer of the Year.

Watch a clip below from the FFP 2006 catwalk featuring KAS Collection and an interview with designer Kenny Flanagan:

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Annatarian, 2008

Born in Columbus, Ohio, Kayce Armstrong began making clothes in high school for herself out of necessity but quickly got voted as the best dressed girl in school. It was the start of a fashion career that includes modeling, designing, recycling and redesigning.

In fact that is Armstrong's slogan for her "Art of Shade" label, where recycling old garments or any useable material into a totally new redesigned garment is the core of her creativity. By not following the mainstream school of designing, Armstrong is able to create genuinely unique clothing that is an art installation of its own, demanding attention and respect for how it came together. In fact most women who have the good fortune to wear her designs have been so taken away with the beauty of the garments and the attention they got that the demand is altogether furious and overwhelming

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Kimberly Kouture, 2007

Kimberly Robinson is a fashion designer and stylist located right outside of DC in the Virginia suburbs. As the creative director of Kimberly Kouture, Kimberly operates a studio with a clientele ranging from future prom queens to DC socialites. FFP is an organization close to her heart, as it promotes social responsibility and education through fashion, both very essential aspects of her life.

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Liliana Castellanos, 2007

Liliana Castellanos was born in the prodigious region of Tarija-Bolivia. Because of her outstanding talent to combine native materials with the demanding esthetic values of today's fashion industry, she has become a point of reference and example within the world of Bolivian haute couture.

Her creations, that predominantly use the fine wool of the Alpaca camelid, allowed her to launch collections of unprecedented, elegance, with glamorous pieces that have conquered new horizons all over the world.

The company has deep environmental and social concerns, which are in a manner satisfied by its activities that, in addition to being ecologically correct, employ an important number of talented tailors and seamstresses from humble backgrounds who accompany us within this bold and creative project. These tailors would otherwise find it hard to find such well rewarded work in Bolivia's present dire economy.Furthermore we also work with several charity groups such as "Aldeas Infantiles", from which we've proudly taken several young people above the working age off the streets to work by our side and provide them with a better future.

Liliana Castellanos has been, from the beginning of her career as a designer, totally committed to firstly discovering and promoting the talents of the most needed people of Bolivia and secondly to use the natural materials of her country. When she came back to Bolivia after having worked for Ninna Ricci in Buenos Aires, she decided to cooperate with the women of Taxara. These Indian women live in a poor community near Tarija but are very talented in making an extraordinary fabric called "vayetta". Liliana managed to develop her first collection with the material made by these women and organize her first exports from Bolivia to Germany. Some of these women stayed with Liliana and have been trained by national and international consultants brought by Liliana and now to her prestigious staff of tailors.

Liliana Castellanos is now committed to develop two new social projects: first, in cooperation with Arco Iris, a charity organization, to set up a production line to design and produce alpaca and llama sweaters with high international standards to be marketed in European and the United States by retail points that will be owned in part by the workers.

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Lillybee by simply soles


SimplySoles is a catalog and online women’s shoe boutique that opened its very first bricks and mortar location in Washington DC in late 2008, but has been in operation since 2004. The business was born out of a passion for shoes and a desire to enjoy of the convenience of shopping for them from home. Rempel explains that “doing a lot of catalog shopping at the time, the lack of attention to accessories in fashion catalogs drove me crazy. I couldn’t see details of the product despite potentially spending hundreds of dollars for a pair of shoes. So I decided that I needed to build what I wanted to shop from – a catalog and online boutique offering a carefully edited collection of shoes, handbags, and other accessories. It took about a year to design the first catalog, and educate myself about how to design, print, mail a catalog – but the first ones shipped in September 2004 and with some shoes, a tape gun, and a 1-800 number, my business began.” Five years later, SimplySoles has loyal domestic and international clients and is the women’s premier shoe catalog. Moreover Rempel designed and debuted her own collection in Spring 2008 called “lillybee,” which in its first season became SimplySoles’ top selling brand.

At SimplySoles we give our customers a place to relax, to shop, to interact, to read Kassie’s blog, and ultimately to have a shopping experience that is enjoyable and easy to navigate. Customers leave equally pleased with their purchase and with the experience. Says Rempel, “I hand-pick the collection with my core customers in mind. Many of our styles are exclusives that I work with the designers to create, or design myself in the case of “lillybee,” so the majority of our collection are products found only at SimplySoles.  We offer unique products with a customer-centric focus striving to personalize an otherwise impersonal process of taking order over the phone or via the internet.”   

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loomstate, 2006

Loomstate is a member of a cultural movement towards a sustainable future. Through the use of the best quality 100% organic cotton, grown free of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers, we are focused on making beautiful clothes and supporting organic farming - an industry vital to the welfare of the planet.

Loomstate takes inspiration from American manufacturing methods used at the turn of the 19th century, in an age where craftsmanship, function and quality were standard. Our fabric is woven with raw organic cotton yarn, paying homage to processes used before the advent of industrial farming. We embrace the beauty of the flaws this process yields because it reflects the character of the natural cycle.

Loomstate is designed for people who want responsible clothes and are committed to treading lightly on the environment. Sustainability is the way forward.

Watch a clip below from the FFP 2006 catwalk featuring EDUN and Loomstate with accessories by Elizabeth Muir (and a special guest appearance by Darryl "DMC" McDaniels from legendary hip-hop duo, RUN-DMC).

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mae, 2008

Born and raised in the magical forext by the springs of situations, little Mae Ho sewed silkened fog and multilayered it on occasion, saving the land from being common, set apart from make-believe, she journeyed into the real world, cutting patterns through time and space, by means of constant movement her layouts so enhanced - vintage textures that she's using, fabric from another land, trim to fit any figure, yet edgy as you can see, Mae's feminine to the touch with her eye on imagery.

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maria luisa ortiz, 2006

< A Fashion Designer born in Medellín, Colombia. Fulfilling a childhood dream, she graduated from "Les Ecoles De Chambre Syndicale De La Haute Couture Parisienne" en 1993. During that four year period in Paris, she trained at the workspaces of Christian Dior and Christian Lacroix. There she was in the presence of the true magic of Haute Couture. In 1993, she won first prize in the "Dentelle de Calais" competition.

Watch a clip below from the FFP 2006 catwalk featuring the Maria Luisa Ortiz collection (featuring Mona Assemi accessories) and an interview with the designer herself:

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MIRZA MPÉRIAL was launched by CEO and Creative Director, Taimur Baig with one simple idea in mind; making women look effortlessly elegant. Since the debut Autumn / Winter 2009 collection, MIRZA MPÉRIAL has become a rising star in the fast-emerging D.C. Fashion circuit. Taimur Baig, 25, was born in Dubai, and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. He has delved into many different fortes of Art, such as drawing, painting, photography and writing; becoming a published author by age 16. In 2006, Taimur moved to New York City for an internship with Kenneth Cole Productions. He is a self taught designer who now resides in Washington D.C.

MIRZA MPERIAL executes all developmental and production processes with a high regard for ethical and moral responsibility. Carefully observing the origins of materials, notions, and raw goods used, MIRZA MPERIAL believes that a company, can not advance while disregarding respect for humanity and the environment.  

MIRZA MPERIAL recognizes that adherence to such standards is essential to excelling responsibly. Accordingly, MIRZA MPÉRIAL proudly guarantees that all manufacturing and production takes place strictly within the United States, while maintaining the highest ethical standards of labor and acquisition of raw good.   

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mona assemi, 2006

Mona Assemi jewelry has graced fashion magazines and fashionistas alike across couture capitals around the world. Her signature pieces were among the first designs featured in the Fashion Fights Poverty catwalk and Dress Responsibly look book, as well as a number of other photo productions organized by Style and Image Network. Like the designer, Mona's designs are at once hip and classic. For more information, visit

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Natalia Naftalieva, 2007

Hailing from Moscow, Russia, Natalia is a designer of evening gowns and women's apparel. More information coming soon.

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Nomi Ansari

FFP is proud to have Pakistani designer Nomi Ansari present his collection at this year's show. Nomi Ansari Studios supplies not only prêt but also Eastern and Western couture pieces to Dubai, India, United Kingdom and United States. Nomi Ansari Studios is known for its creative use of colors by combining five or more colors, creating signature pieces. Detailed craftsmanship with intricate embellishments is another feather in Nomi's already well-feathered cap. Nomi's prêt-a-porter collection embodies a multitude of different styles so that they attract people with diverse aesthetics and fashion sensibilities. FFP would like to thank Saima and Mahufz Ahmed and Pakistani fashion and PR liaison Sofia HD for their contribution to Nomi's participation. View website»

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Nudie Jeans, 2009


The organic Nudie jeans are made out of 100% organica lly cu lti vated cotton. The cotton is certified according to GOTS, Global Organic Textile Standard, by the Control Union.

Through our environmental policy we want to take our responsibility for a sustainable development, which involves working towards a fair and safe future for generations to come and showing respect for nature. We want to protect the environment by minimising the use of natural resources, by reducing the environmental impact and by only working with certified suppliers.

There is a lot of potential in the clothing industry to make a difference for the environment. The conventionally grown cotton causes a lot of environmental problems. Nudie Jeans is using more & more organic cotton for every season. This is the future direction for Nudie Jeans. Our intention is to continue to increase the organic collection and to work only with organic cotton in jeans and tops within the near future.

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Orangia, 2007

FFP - Miami featured Orangia, the collective vision of Miami-based fashion designer Janelle Funair and graphic artist and designer Rodrigo Londono. This duo has created a look that fuses all aspects of their design talents including architecture, graphic design, theory, structure, couture, and craftsmanship. Their line was conceived upon the belief that comfort can come with elegance. Tired of finding clothing too fitted and uncomfortable, Orangia decided to create designs that captured the coziness of a favorite T-shirt with the mystical lure of a timeless couture piece.

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rakiyt zakari, 2005

"Dressing is an art and not just something you do in the morning," Zakari said. "I want people to use my designs and translate them into their own personal art form." Click here to view images from the Rakiyt Collection as presented in Miami Fashion Week.

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René Geneva, 2009


In 1993 Rene Geneva received an inheritance that would change her life: her grandmother's Singer sewing machine. As René's skill as a designer grew, so did her awareness of the world around her. She realized that her business needed to account for its impact on the environment - both ecological and social. That meant a commitment to materials, production methods and business practices that did the least possible harm to the environment and the people who inhabit it.

In 2003 she began working with a small family operation in Pakistan. In November 2005, René headed to Nicaragua (the second poorest nation in the Western hemisphere) to work with a fair wage, fair trade women's textile cooperative. Training them in the elements of corsetry and applique enabled them to produce René's latest designs and to expand their capabilities beyond T-shirt production. This partnership reflects Rene Geneva's commitment to support fair wage and fair trade practices.

2005 was her first collection to offer exclusively organic and eco-friendly textiles and it has been strong since. She began the Sun Power Project to help facilitate solar electricity for communities in need. Working with indigenous population's and small villages globally has allowed her to source rare organic textiles, such as hand spun/woven "peace" silks and fabric made from the bark of trees.

Currently, Ms. Geneva is working on the preliminary details with the support of the Whole Planet Foundation on a project to help educate women and provide skilled jobs in Nicaragua. This project is slated to break ground in late 2009.

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RenéeQ Bespoke, 2009


Renée Q. Boateng is a Ghanaian stylist and entrepreneur who followed her passion and developed her own brand, RenéeQ in 2006.

In 2008, she launched her clothing line, RenéeQ bespoke, an afro chic and culturally inspired line of tee shirts embellished with African print, and beads.

In an effort to offer women in Ghana a home-grown alternative to their ideas of beauty & style, RenéeQ, the brand was borne in 2006. For the last three years our accessories have complimented outfits for all occasions making RenéeQ a household name and the first stop for the woman who desires nothing but the best in uniqueness, style & quality.

Since the business covers many areas of the beauty industry, we work with a diverse range of materials but we operate with the environment and sustainability at the top of our mind.  Most of the products used are organic or natural, biodegradable, are from Fair Trade sources and can be recycled.

The fabrics used are cotton and all the left over pieces after patterns are cut out are joined to create another fabric which is then used again.

We employ young local talent to nurture them grow into their own.  We treat our employees fairly and create a conducive environment for them to work in.

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Solomon's Strands, 2007

FFP - Miami also featured Solomon's Strands: one-of-a-kind jewelry handcrafted for the one-of-a-kind woman by Renee Solomon. For more information, click on the picture to visit her website or call 954-240-7802.

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Studio D-Maxsi, 2009


STUDIO DMAXSI is one of the fastest growing fashion design houses in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Founded in 2006 by Afua Sam, creates women's wear masterpieces for the confident, chic and classy modern woman. Designer Afua Sam is originally from Ghana, West Africa and her journey in fashion begun 15 years ago in her homeland.

Most of her designs are made out of silk-based fabrics and a touch of some African fabric, which is made of cotton, specifically known as Woodin. Her reason for her fabric choice is because of her intention to bridge a gap between African culture and western culture.

One of Studio Dmaxsi’s passion as a fashion house is her commitment to give back to her community by participating in numerous fashion shows whose goals are to work toward the enhancement of society. She has been a part of Fashion for World Peace where all the proceeds are donated to charity works like its “Schools for Africa Project”, etc. She has also been a part of the Steps to The Cure for Breast Cancer Fashion Show which works towards creating an awareness of breast cancer and the money raised goes to Susan G. Komen for breast cancer research.

Afua is also bent on empowering young women, be it academically or the arts. She believes in the reinforcement of the confidence of women which makes for a better world and that is why Afua’s Foundation is working on the improvement of self-esteem and the education of young women.

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thomas pink, 2005

With a wonderful reputation for the finest luxury shirts and accessories Pink has become an international success story with stores in the UK, US, Europe and Far East. FFP is proud to have featured this amazing pair of designers on its first catwalk in 2005. Find out more about what makes them inspirational and innovative here.

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