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Photographer Michael Dumlao photographs model Jacqueline akoko in BeadforLife as the first "face" of Fashion Fights Poverty.

2005 : The First Year

The first Fashion Fights Poverty show required a photoshoot to showcase our first class of catwalk designers (BethelHelena, Rakiyt Zakari and Thomas Pink). After over 200 people lined up at our first model call, it became apparent that FFP could (and would) become a focum for charitable collaboration for the city's many fashion industry professionals. While the official Dress Responsibly Lookbook did not make its debut until 2006, 2005 hosted the groundwork for what would later become a strong network of designers, boutiques, photographers, stylists, makeup and hair artists, models and entertainers that contribute their time and considerable talents - year after year - to produce Fashion Fights Poverty's Lookbook. Click HERE to view photo credits»

Modelling BeadforLife and the One Campaign Band

Matt in BeadforLife

Chris in BeadforLife and One band

Penne in BeadforLife

Daniel in BeadforLife and One band

Deanna in BeadforLife

Jackie in BeadforLife

Michael in BeadforLife

Taylor in BeadforLife

Matt in BeadforLife and One band

The Catwalk Looks

Chris in Thomas Pink

Naomi in Thomas Pink

Stephen in Thomas Pink

Desiree in Rakiyt Zakari

Karen in Rakiyt Zakari

Kritine in Rakiyt Zakari

Karen in BethelHelena

Kristine in BethelHelena


Fashioning the Millenium Development Goals

Naomi models "End to Hunger"

Stephen and Deanna model "Maternal Health"

Emile models "Combating HIV/AIDS"

Janeiro models "Eco Sustainability"

Modeling "Gender Equality"

The cast photo spells it out.


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