The Lookbook

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Photographer Timothy Coburn captures this stunning image of jet-setting philanthropist Jaci Wilson-Reid for the FFP Lookbook in 2007. Makeup and hair directed by James Cornwell.

2007 : The Music Year

The second Dress Responsibly Lookbook was designed to look like an old-school LP (complete with cover) for a reason: the book was headlined by music greats like Rickey Medlocke from the legendary rock and roll group Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Brad Arnold - lead singer of multi-platinum selling, Grammy-winning rock band 3 Doors Down - while also featuring up-and-coming stars like country singers Rockie Lynne and Danielle Peck, as well as pop group "Hello Tokyo" and jazz singer Kristine Mills. In Puerto Rico, models from Element Models provided an all star-cast, including Frederick Valentin, recent star of Nelly Furtado's "All Good Things" video. Extra star power came with the addition of rising star Katherine Kennedy, soon to star on "Blonde Charity Mafia." A special portion of the Lookbook was also devoted to photos featuring 2007 beneficiary Aid to Artisans' projects from around the world by Clare Brett, one of the founders and president-emiritus of ATA. All-in-all, the 2007 Lookbook was a celebration of the deep-rooted relationship between music and entertainment. With photoshoots in the Hollywood Hills, the Gibson Guitars headquarters in Nashville, the New York subway, the famous El Convento hotel in Puerto Rico and the rooftops of Washington, DC, the 2007 Lookbook was an ambitious and successfull undertaking. Click HERE to view photo credits»

The Faces of FFP 2007

Frederick Valentin from Element Models, Puerto Rico wears Chacha Boy. Photo by Michael Dumlao.

Chandra wears Basia Frossard with accessories by Evelyn Brooks. Photo by Michael Dumlao.

The introduction to ffp 2007 shoot

Sean wears Anzevino & Florence, Corpus and Evelyn Brooks jewelry. FFP design alum Kimberly Robinson (center) wears Kimberly Couture. Pamela wears Donghia apholstery fabrics with Evelyn Brooks necklace. Set fabrics are from Donghia textiles. Photo by Michael Dumlao.

Sean wears Corpus with accessories by Evelyn Brooks.

Sean wears Corpus. Nancy wears Jason Christopher Peters. Accessories by Evelyn Brooks.

Nancy wears Jason Christopher Peters with accessories by Evelyn Brooks.

The Los Angeles shoot

Sarah wears vintage 1970's bathing suit with natural, raw gemstones from Kays International.

Lisa and Sarah wear American Apparel and vintage pieces surrounded by items from and L.A. Army surplus store.

Lisa wears American Apparel swimsuit with Giles bag from Mulberry.

Sarah wears American Apparel, Julie Verhoeven shirt from Mulberry, and necklaces by Ruby Siddiqui.

Lisa wears David Galan black purse as a dress with Betsey Johnson shoes.

The Nashville shoot

Rockey and Rickie wear National Geographic gear embellished by Luc Apparel and accessories by Elizabeth Muir. Guitars by Gibson.

Brad wears Goodwill apparel embelished by Luc Apparel. Danielle wears Ecoganik with Aid To Artisans accessories.

Danielle in Ecoganik dress with Aid To Artisans cuff.

Brad wears Luc Apparel.

Daniel wears cape, buckle and cape by Elizabeth Muir with shirt by Chopper Couture.

Rockie wears Levi's eco-jeans with Luc Apparel shirt and vintage jacket. Guitar from Gibson.

Duo sport shirts by Luc Apparel and accessories from Elizabeht Muir. Guitar from Gibson

Rockie wears shirt from National Geographic embellished by Luc Apparel, Levi's eco jeans amd accessories by Elizabeth Muir and Aid To Artisans.

Rickey Medlocke wears National Geographic vest, T-shirt by Luc Apparel, buckle by Elizabeth Muir while carrying a Gibson Guitar.

The new York shoot

Men wear Sergio Davila and accessories from BeadforLife. Kat wears Benetton with jewelry by Abigal DeCasanova.

Sam in Sergio Davila with BeadforLife.

Kat in Joline Jolink dress and jewelry by Abigail DeCasanova and Erica Pena.

Desiree in Sam in American Apparel muscle tee with denim vest by Sergio Davila.

Kat wears Benetton.

John in American Apparel polo with pants by Sergio Davila.

Band wears American Apparel and Benetton with accessories by Abigail Decasanova and BeadforLife.

Men wear Sergio Davila and accessories from BeadforLife. Kat wears Benetton with jewelry by Abigal DeCasanova.

Benetton and Sergio Davila.

The Puerto Rico Shoot

Desiree in Ecliptica and Abigail DeCasanova earrings. Frederick wears Chacha Boy .

Danny wears Chacha Boy swimsuit with Aid to Artisans table runner as scarf. Brenda wears Ecliptica with Abigail DeCasanova earrings.

Frederick in Eric Finn. Crystal in Ecliptica with vintage Turkish necklace.

Brenda in Ecliptica and Abigail DeCasanova.

Desiree in Ecliptica and Abigail DeCasanova. Danny in Chacha Boy. Blanket and bowl from Aid to Artisans.

Ivelisse in crocheted top by Yvette Castro and Aid To Artisans necklace and alpaca scarves as skirt with earring by Abigail DeCasanova.

Fred wears Chacha Bou swimsuit and Aid To Artisans cuff and necklace.

The Washington DC shoot

Katherine Kennedy wears Kimberly Kouture.

Katherine Kennedy wears Kimberly Kouture.

Katherine Kennedy wears Kimberly Kouture.

Kristine Mylls wears vintage looks from the Coburn/ Cornwell collection.

Kristine Mylls wears Kimberly Kouture.

Jaci Reid wears vintage looks from the Coburn/ Cornwell collection.