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Photographer Tommy Chung captures the word "ReVival" for the 2009 Dress Responsibly Lookbook.

2009 : Rethink. Rediscover. React.

reConsider. reDefine. reDress. reJuvenate: the FFP 2009 theme "re" draws upon today's turbulent economic and social reality and the persistent call for reflection and change. As the prefix "re" suggests, ours is a time to redefine, reclaim, recycle, and rebound. Where Fashion Fights Poverty has always celebrated the role of creativity in both fashion and poverty alleviation, now is the time to rediscover what those terms truly mean. What is "fashion"? What does it mean to "fight"? sAnd how does "poverty" affect us all? We see the recession as an opportunity to assert what President Obama calls a new era of responsibility. For FFP, we see this as a return to creativity in fashion over trends; the emergence of a renaissance of the wearability of artful, well-constructed style rather than the disposability of trends. Furthermore, in these times of uncertainty, people are more thoughtful about what they spend their money on. FFP's mission is to help reluctant shoppers see the long term value of supporting local artisans, and prioritizing sustainable and ethical design. This is where the Lookbook comes to play - as a resource and guide for to spend one's money well towards the goal of "doing good while looking good." For the book's photographers, this means reinterpreting word that begin with the letters "R-E". Some chose to "remember, " others decided to "revive". Whatever the word, the result is once again a beautiful catalogue of chic, ethical, wearable art. Click HERE to view photo credits»